Emanuela Samaritani

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Emanuela was born and raised in Southern Switzerland. After doing biology at university, she did a Masters in Environmental Sciences. She then continued her scientific studies with a PhD, and focused on microorganisms. After her PhD she started working as part time technician at the university.

    During her PhD she got married, had a first child and moved to the USA. Wanting to share with her little one what she was studying on, she looked for childrens' books that would help her illustrate and explain microorganisms. She discovered that science books for children were not that interested in showing the beauty and importance of microorganisms. They are mostly focused on germs, or creepy crawlies. She decided that one day she would write one herself.

    Life got in the way. She moved to the UK, finished her PhD, and had another child. The Hidden World of Diatoms came out in 2019 after hours of working nights and weekends to get it done.

    Beside writing books, she likes hiking, reading, practicing yoga, drawing, chatting with friends over coffee, cuddle and play with her children and her cat.

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The hidden world of diatoms is the first book of the series The hidden world of microorganisms.

Diatoms are microorganisms found everywhere on the planet, from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountains, on all continents and ecosystems. Wherever there is the tiniest drop of water, you can find a diatom. Diatoms are extremely important for the oceans ecosystem, being eaten by a lot of animals and other microorganisms. But maybe more importantly they contribute to create the very precious oxygen that we humans and most of other creatures on Earth need to survive.

These and more exciting facts about diatoms are described and illustrated in an entertaining and educative way.


The hidden world of testate amoebae is an illustrated children book that introduces children to the wonderful world of microorganisms, in particular to testate amoebae. Testate amoebae are shapeless, unicellular microorganisms that protect themselves by building a shell, called a test, either secreting the substance or upcycling residues that they found in their environment. They can be found in all kind of wetlands, but their favourite environment are raised bogs. Raised bogs are particular ecosystem home to species adapted to their harsh conditions, that hide messages from the past coded into testate amoebae. Come get amazed into the hidden world of testate amoebae.