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J C O'Neill

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Jane was joint winner of the Sheffield Off The Shelf literary festival Novel Slam Competition 2023. She writes under the pen names J. C. O’Neill and also as J. C. Richmond.

All profits from the first historical thriller, The Curse of the Pirate, are donated to Sheffield Children's Hospital, and ten per cent of any other profits go to Sheffield charities.

All books can be bought through Jane's website.

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Dr Charlie Hart is the Queen of Witches; she just doesn’t know it yet. Charlie has escaped her dark past and now works in the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. She is on the point of complete burnout when a chance meeting with reclusive tech genius Sally Marshall and former soldier Ben Morton leads to friendship, romance, and a whole lot of trouble.

Mac’s mother arrives at Rowans Holt, and we are transported to North Yorkshire to learn more about the ancient Beaulouf family. It seems their destiny may be entwined with Charlie’s. Mac has a plan, Sally has a problem, and Ben has a decision to make. And Charlie? Dr Charlie Hart moves one terrifying step closer to facing her dark destiny.

Sometimes it is not the nature of the sacrifice, but the purity of the heart that makes it. Charlie Hart finally returns to her hometown of Whitby to face her past. But the past is often a place best avoided...

In Regency England, there is only one woman who can fight like a pirate and ride like a Cossack: Lady Emmeline Cumberland. This romantic historical thriller will sweep you all the way from the Caribbean to the heart of the English Court via swashbuckling battles, breathtaking horse races, royal intrigue, and the pursuit of true love.

Emmeline’s evil husband has imprisoned her mother, Alicia, and the only map to the prison’s location is hidden deep beneath the streets of Regency London in the dreaded Black Chamber.

In Regency England, Lady Emmeline Cumberland has been imprisoned with her mother in an isolated asylum on a bleak windswept moor. While her friends rush to save her, the evil Superintendent plans poison and intrigue.

Lady Emmeline Cumberland only has forty-eight hours to save her beloved Augustus, who has been accused of murdering Emmeline’s evil husband, Edwin. The jury is rigged, the witnesses corrupt, and the judge has already prepared the gallows.

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