Lauren Woodcock

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Lauren  was born in Sheffield in 1987, and her passion for the written word started from an early age. She was the five-year-old tucked up reading Enid Blyton while her friends played outside; the ten year old writing stories on the beach rather than building sandcastles; the sixteen year old spending hours each night filling in her diary instead of watching TV… or sleeping. She kept her passion for writing burning throughout her degree in Speech and Language Therapy, penning her first full length story in the breaks between classes. 

In 2010 she began working in a college for young people with autism, another area of interest for her since her brother's diagnosis with the disorder when she was seven years old. She decided to combine her experience with her passion for writing and started work on what would later become her debut novel: Those Who Will Not See.


When Lauren’s daughter, Ellie, was born, and while on maternity leave, she ignored the advice to 'sleep when she sleeps', and instead began to 'write when she sleeps', allowing Lauren to finally complete the writing and editing. 


Lauren Woodcock, author

Published in November 2012, Those Who Will Not See is the story of a young man growing up with autism. It was recommended in The Sunday Times in October 2013 as 'a great read and a perceptive insight into that much misunderstood condition, autism.’

Lauren is currently working on her second novel.