Michael Whateley 

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Michael was born in Sheffield in 1968.


He has had a varied career, including motorcycle courier, electrician, games programmer, Special Constable, and an Infantry Soldier. He uses some of these experiences and the characters he has met in his writing. 

As well as the above, he is happily married, with four children. 

When asked about his writing, Michael said, 'As far back as I can remember, my passion has been books. I remember as a young child feeling excited when we had a book day at school. I went clutching my money, never sure where it would take me. When I got home, would I be in a magical forest? Would I be in space? Would I be in the middle of the sea in a pirate adventure? That is the true magic of books. They create more vivid worlds than any film ever could. I hope I bring that across in my stories, and I hope, if only for a brief time, my stories carry you off somewhere magical too.'

Michael Whateley, author

Puffs of smoke erupted around him as one of the cars opened fire. He changed direction and headed to the right. There was a narrow alleyway. He ran into it looking for somewhere to hide. There was nowhere. Just flat brick. There was a screeching behind him. He risked a glance back. A red Corvette had skidded into the alley. Wicked, spinning blades on its wheels sparking and screeching as they scraped against the wall. (Excerpt from CARnage.)


The devil and his minions are about, and wreaking havoc in these short stories of demonic intent. No one is safe. In the dark. When you are sleepy. You see him in the corner of your eye. You feel his breath. The hairs on the back of your neck rise. You tell yourself it is just your imagination. But how sure are you?

Six short stories that will make your heart, leap, beat or stop.

It's a normal day for two Special Constables in 'Echo Papa One.' Normal until they come across a violent man and have no back up. 

Roses fall from the sky in 'A Flight of Eagles' as a man mourns the loss of his one true love. 

A lost little boy is chased by a one eyed savage beast in 'Little Boy Lost.' What is this monster and where are his parents? 

Can electricity turn you into a genius? It can in 'A Spark of Genius.' But this spark has a nasty bite. 

A woman is pressured into spending a night in a haunted house in 'Devils in the detail.' But what are those burn marks on the floor? Could they really be the fiery footprints of old Lucifer himself? 

Finally join Stephen Blackwood aboard 'The Vagabond' and find out why his dad's best friend was left to die in the middle of the sea.

There's a favourite story for everyone. Which one will be yours?

Adrian is a Detective in Sheffield C.I.D. Due to Britains obsession with CCTV, crime has been mostly eliminated, leaving Adrian with little to do. He logs in to one of the most successful online murder mystery sites called 'The Christmas Card Murders'. The compulsion to solve this crime makes him one of the best players. This brings him to the attention of the killer. Now he is being stalked, the hunted becomes the hunter in a virtual world, or is it the real world? When bodies start appearing Adrian finds himself in a spin. Has he logged off, still in the game or is he going insane.

A plane crash explodes into a desperate fight to save the world from a deadly secret weapon. As ex-army man Steven struggles to understand the mystery of its destructive power, he is locked into clearing the smears ruining the life of an old friend. And the one true love in his life. Was that a lie? Are his skills still strong enough to defeat the greatest enemy he's ever yet had to face and reveal the truth hidden in the murky depths?