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Michelle Nicholson

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Michelle published her autobiography, Without a Voice: One Woman’s Fight for Justice, in 2017. She is the founder and Director of the organisation: Key Changes-Unlocking Women’s Potential
Her own experience of the criminal justice system led to an understanding of social injustices for women which has shaped the charity’s vision and its aims and objectives.
To tackle social inequalities, Michelle gives educational presentations to a range of audiences to enable them to better understand women’s needs and issues such as resettlement into the community. Michelle has also written a number of articles in this area.
Michelle won the High Sheriff’s Award 2015 for her leadership skills to promote change for women.

Without a Voice is the powerful story of Michelle’s fight for justice.

As a young, vulnerable, naïve 22-year-old, Michelle had no idea how to deal with the menacing stranger who seemed to be taking over her life. He had sucked friends and family into believing his fantasy that he was a good, kind man, trying to offer Michelle a better life. But beneath the façade lurked a dangerous and deadly psychopath, hell bent on revenge for Michelle’s rejection of him.

    Twenty four years later, still fighting to clear her name, Michelle tells, with raw honesty, the true and horrifying story of the murder of her beloved father and how she was framed for that murder, losing her youth, her young daughter, her freedom and almost her sanity.

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