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Phil Swan

Phil lives with his wife and children in South Yorkshire He has had an interest in writing from an early age and was a member of a local writers' group for a while.

His main writing interests are writing crime and murder mystery.


Waarter Catastrophe is Phil's  first “Zoodunnit murder mystery”

Barnsley the lion has been found dead in Hearts River Zoo on the launch night of his Wild Animals Alcoholic Reform (WAAR) venture in the zoo’s cafe.

Barnsley’s father Oscar wants his murder to be investigated

A moose called Mountie and a zebra called Charlton rise to the challenge and agree to investigate the murder.


Phil has been writing a monthly blog about driverless cars ( taking a lighthearted look at everyday situations that driverless cars may face and what they will need to overcome on their journey to taking over roads across the world.

These blog articles have now been updated and compiled into the book Driverless Car Bans the Swan Family

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