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Anneliese Johnson

Anneliese has brought us a remarkable book: the true story of her survival as a young  Jewish girl  in the Nazi extermination camp - Treblinka. She is the world's last Treblinkla survivor. In August 1943 an uprisiing was organised, by some prisoners, and a revolt broke out in the camp. Desperately she tried to escape and, after a struggle, got free. She finally found sanctuary with a farmer’s family until the end of the War. However, her journey didn’t end there. Anneliese shares her harrowing experiences from before, during and after the Second  World War and her struggle to find safety in the West.

Yesterday's Todays has been republished by 1889Books with the addition of new chapters following Anneliese's escape to the West and setting up a new life in Sheffield.

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There are just  a  handful of copies left of the original self-published book.

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