Berlie Doherty is the author of too many books to list: for children, teenagers and adults,  plays for radio, theatre and television. Winner of the Carnegie medal for both Granny Was a Buffer Girl and Dear Nobody; and the Writers’ Guild Award for both Daughter of the Sea and the theatre version of Dear Nobody. 

Author of The Evergreen in red and white, various other novels and books and indie-publisher under the 1889 books label.


Author of Archie Nolan - family detective.  Founder of the Sheffield Young Writers project

Katherine Blessan is the author of Lydia’s Song.

Brian has a number of titles to his name including the Stories of Billy Perks: The Tuppenny Hat Detective and Dance Floor Drowning, and historical fiction novels: The Whispering Bell, and  Time Rocks.

Sue is the author of thought-provoking family sagas: Who Your Friends Are , The Roads They Travelled, and Hollin Clough.

Author of Scholar's Mate and Nine Times in Ten

Author of the novel The China Bird,  short story collection The Sand Eggs, and various published works of poetry.

Author of Those Who Will Not See. 

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Carmel is  the author of Yorkshire Folk Tales for Children

Author of Six of Hearts, Killer in Mind and 666 , and Operation Desert Swarm


Charlotte is  the author of bedtime audio stories for children

Michael is the author of the best-selling 111 Places in Sheffield You Shouldn't Miss,  Great Works - Encounters With Art, numerous poetry books and witty memoirs of growing up in Sheffield

Michelle is  the author of Without a Voice


Andrea is the author of the Blinks series of books


Danuta is the author of too many crime novels to list here! Check out her page here..


Bob is  the author of Fake Histories

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Maggie is  the author of Britannia’s Glory − a Maritime Story, children's book Baa Baa Pink Sheep, and works of ficiion: James the ThirdThe Wish Gift and Eliminate.


Mick is the author of Inundation – the History, the Times and the People of the Great Sheffield Flood 1864, and Intimidation – the History, the Times and the People of the Sheffield Outrages


Amy (A F Stone) is the author of The Raven Wheel and Strong Stuff


Jon is the author of the Frances and Navajo crime series


Melanie is the author of the Somebody Up There Likes Me

Author of Inside Outside  and Distortion 

Author of YA fiction books:  The Blemished  series (dystopian novels), the Mary Hades series (ghost stories) and The White Hart  fantasy series.

Victoria Howard, author of romantic suspense novels: The House on the Shore, Three Weeks Last Spring and Ring of Lies

Author of the The Glass Lie

Author of Cultivating Mad Cow, The Mental Monologues,  The Perfect Lady, and  The Wibbly Wobbly Woman.

Author of gritty, contemporary fiction for Young Adults, New Adults and Older Adults: her books include: Safe, Watermelon, Hearts and Arrows and Something Different

Author of Charter and Caldicott - as war begins.

Author of The Girl with the Emerald Brooch and The Power of Love

Author of Firestone


Kate is the author of The Pixie Plot and Driftwood and Amethyst


Author of Into Dusk

Author of The House Fell on Her Head


John is the author of Angel Smith Returns Home, Mothballed, A Dip in the Gene Pool, and Consequences

Dave is the author of What happens now?

Martin is  the author of A History of Sheffield Football  1857 - 1889

Jo is  the author of Spike and the Blue Chair

Peter is  the author of The Polish Millers, Postcards from Millmoor, and Forgotten Heroes

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Julie is  the author of Nowt But Drippin

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Kate writes middle grade fiction under various pseudonyms but mainly under the name Erin Hunter for the Warriors series

Graham is the author of the Sheffield City Centaur books

Noreen is the author of the Expelled from Uganda