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Noreen Nasim

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‘Expelled from Uganda’ is Noreen's father’s memoir written as narrative fiction. The memoir covers his journey of expulsion from when the initial order was publicly circulated, along with flashbacks of his childhood days living in Kakira. 2022 year marks the 50th anniversary of the historical event. Set at the peak of Idi Amin's dictatorship, it explores the trials of a young Indian boy leaving behind his home, his faithful dog and his delightful childhood memories, as he embarks on a perilous journey to safety from the reign of terror.

Although many Ugandan Asians suffered the same fate of expulsion, very few have come forward to share their story. Many have simply buried those dark memories and fewer than a handful have published their work.

Noreen is a college lecturer from Sheffield, specialising in Graphic Arts and Creative Media. 


Born in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, Amir Majothi spent his carefree childhood in the town of Kakira. His ultimate superpower was playing mischievous pranks on his unsuspecting victims and much of his time was spent climbing mango trees and dashing through sugarcane fields with his friends. This idyllic childhood came to an end when dictator Idi Amin, President of Uganda, issued an unjust expulsion order giving 80,000 Ugandan Asians only 90 days to leave the country. Missing the deadline meant certain death. Separated from his family, Amir must deal with a corrupt bureaucracy and the ever-present danger of Amin's soldiers in order to escape execution and find a new life overseas. 

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