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Peter Jalowiczor

Peter Jalowiczor is Rotherham born and bred and is an amateur astronomer (astrophysicist) primarily known for co-discovering four exoplanets - at home using data released to the public by the University of California's Lick-Carnegie Planet Search Team (2011). He is a postgraduate from the University of Sheffield where he did research in Astrophysics  on the delta-effect of comets. (He's even got a Wikipedia entry)

Peter is currently working on two separate projects outside work: one in Astrophysics looking for Brown Dwarfs (the missing link between Planets and Stars) and the second an expanded version of Forgotten Heroes.

The Polish Millers - is the real-life success story surrounding the creation of a non-league football club in a Polish highland village bearing the Millers name and playing in Rotherham United strip.

Postcards from Millmoor (2012) is the story behind Rotherham United's former home - viewed from many different angles.

Forgotten Heroes (2014) is a collection of stories of Polish WWII veterans who settled in Rotherham after the war, and the story how the community developed in the following decades. A society developed out of the book, which now meets once a month.


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