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Graham Bloodworth

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Graham was born in 1959 in Worksop, and spent time on various RAF bases, while his father plied his trade as an aircraft technician.
    Moving to Sheffield in 1968, he his best remembered for working at Beatties toy and model store.

    He has a strong interest in Science Fantasy. The led to a Sheffield City Centaur being relased into the wild areas around the city, as part of the Science Fantasy Carma series.
    You can contact the Graham at:


Many of us have good days and bad days. But what if your day includes a demoness and psychotic pony rider? Having to hide because, well you have hooves. Thank the Goddess for three teenagers and their mum, because other forces want to remove you permanently. Add two sex starved ponies and a thoroughbred mare and life becomes very interesting for a Sheffield City Centaur


Training: like being back at school, right? Wrong. It's a whole new learning curve and getting your arse kicked by an equine shifter in a defence class is humiliating. Don't even think about dating, because a certain centauride has other ideas.

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