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Joanne Siddall

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Joanne is a Chaplain, Soul Midwife and Civil Celebrant, and work alongside the bereaved and those with life limiting illnesses. She runs a service specialising in Tribute Writing, Biography Telling, Bereavement Care and Service: Supporting Sorrow, Celebrating Life, Holding Gently, Abiding With and Journeying Alongside. She brings her unique skills to her writing.

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We all treasure the times we remember with our loved one’s. Memories can be propped by a photograph, a place, a song - we remember in so many different ways at so many different times.

Children can be encouraged to keep ‘memory boxes’ to help them remember special people, special places and special times.

This little book acts as a prompt to help with ‘remembering’ in a gentle way. The ‘ordinary’ things of life that makes life ‘extraordinary’ and precious.

Through the watercolour illustrations and the gentle rhyme, the reader is encouraged to experience the the significance of our story sharing. Remembering that both the little and the big things matter.

It is hoped this resource will assist in ‘memory box making’, and give children the confidence to share their own stories in beautiful, profound and gentle ways that will help and not hinder.

Losing a loved one is really, really hard. This Christian book is for little people (Age 5-9). Grown-ups might find it helpful too! A ‘story rhyme’ that invites the child to be part of the bigger picture.

Children can feel excluded and unsure of what is happening around them. This gentle book is just one of many resources that can be used when little ones grieve.

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