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Jools Warner

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Jools Warner is a tarot nerd from Saturn, and author of Ernie and the Mage-Killer. Starting out this incarnation in a succession of unassuming English towns, early creative experiments fell by the wayside when the depression kicked in and refused to budge for quite some time. Story-writing was forsaken altogether, which was a bit silly, to be honest; it could have been rather helpful. Academic successes led to a Ph.D in Death Studies (yes, really) and a career in said field. Realising later, however, as a person sometimes does, that this was super not the vibe, she decided to take that whole writing thing seriously. Wrestling with self-doubt, Jools wrote words, and then more words, qualified as a Yoga instructor, left academia, did an MA in Creative Writing, turned professional with the tarot thing, and wrote even more words. She lives atop a hill in Sheffield, UK, sharing her home with two cats, one of whom is really bureaucratic.


Ernie buried her magical past – but now her friends need her to dig it up Ernie just wants to have a solitary pint at her local pub and forget about her past as one of the most promising young mages in England. But when an old enemy returns, she must restore the memories she suppressed and reclaim her powers. With the help of fiery Rennie, shapeshifting Vi, and an endearingly bureaucratic cat, Ernie comes to grips with her grief over the past and grapples bravely with the very mage who bested her before. The race is on to find him before he can bend the elements to his will and become an unstoppable tyrant. As she fights to end the mage-killer before he ends life as we know it, Ernie the earth-mage resolves not to let herself be uprooted again. Jools Warner is a writer, tarot card reader and yoga instructor with an MA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Death Studies. Ernie and the Mage-Killer is her first novel.

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