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Mark Kensson

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Mark has lived in and around Sheffield since 1980. After spending seven happy years training and working at Cliff College in the Peak District, he and his wife, Angela, moved into the city proper, where he completed a degree in Modern History and Politics at the University of Sheffield. Thereafter he trained as a secondary school teacher and spent the next twenty-nine years honing his rapier-like wit on the unsuspecting youth of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, whilst simultaneously wasting as much time as possible in the hills around his adopted city. To avoid marking books, he began writing Stuck in Traffic in 2005, but unlike most of his spectacularly over-ambitious projects, he got there in the end.

Taking on the twin giants of the unanimous opinion of the UK publishing industry and all available financial advice, Mark Kensson has pressed on and  independently published his first novel Stuck in Traffic. Here are just a few comments on this jaw-droppingly audacious action from the people who know him best:
‘Please, please buy it, I really need the spare room back.’ Angela, wife.
‘When they’re all gone, he’s promised to stop telling jokes. Please help!!’
Sarah, daughter (11).
Wodeva.’ Andrew, son (13).
‘Fe fusai wedi bod yn well pe bae wedi son am yr Wyddfa, ‘ Margaret, Welsh
‘ffff … fffff … fffff … fffff,’ Fudge and Twilight, Sarah’s rabbits.
‘That Alan Jones went on to become a doctor …’ Pat, mother-in-law.
‘Stuck in Traffic is destined to become a classic; everybody should buy at least two copies.’ Ken Marksson, literary critic


Poor Dave Strives – all the gear; no idea. Moving between his beloved home city of Sheffield and the surrounding wild beauty of the Peak District, Stuck in Traffic charts the hilarious misadventures of our wannabee hero as he leads his bewildered niece and nephew on an epic journey across twenty-two miles of Yorkshire’s finest. But with their parents 3 000 miles away in New York, struggling to save their business and their marriage, the children have enough to worry about without having to appear in public with an unintelligible Yorkshireman, who arrives two hours late to collect them from the railway station, wearing handmade rattlesnake skin boots and a truly ridiculous hat! … It’s going to be a long weekend … If you’ve ever tried to take a teenager on a walk then Stuck in Traffic is the book for you. On the other hand, if you’ve been that teenager, then Stuck in Traffic is also the book for you! So one way or another …

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