Peter Storey

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Peter Storey, author

Amongst the many things in life that Peter enjoys, is watching old British films which first developed as a young lad growing up in Sheffield during the 1960’s and 1970’s. He was engrossed by the black and white films that dominated television on weekend afternoons; films that invariably revolved around the Second World War, whether in the events leading up to it, during it or in the years following.

    It is not the subject of war itself that fascinates Peter, but the characters that feature in them, from their resilience in the face of adversity through to their charming accents that one never hears outside of the films. 

It was therefore natural that Peter’s first book is based on characters that featured in some of these films, namely Charters and Caldicott, who first appeared in Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes. His book is titled Charters and Caldicott: As War Begins. The book is available either via Amazon, the Talking Pictures film channel club page or via the Charters and Caldicott fan site

Peter has written for Vintage Life Magazine, My Kind of Town, Down Your Way and Zelda the magazine of the Vintage Nouveau. His book has also been reviewed in Sight and Sound the international film magazine and been featured in Now Then, Ten, Arts Beat and several other local and national journals.

    He is currently researching for his next book about a young Sheffield boy growing up during WW2 and how the war impacted on his life through to old age.

    In addition to a full time career and his attempts at writing, Peter edits, and occasionally writes for, the quarterly Reclamation magazine.