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E M Linell

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EM Linell lives with two leopards, two partners and two children in a neat little cottage with a thatched roof in Derbyshire. Fiction is so much better than fact.

After a lifetime of nonsense, it was about time to put some of it into print, to challenge some superstitions and profoundly strange things we humans cling onto, for fear of falling over. EM Linell is not your normal 30-something prodigy, but a cynical teller of tales, a bit of a hard nut. Sorry, but there it is. There are five true facts in this bio, the rest, well…

She is currently working on the second book in the Firestone Series, arguing with herself over the destinies of the characters. It's like being responsible for children, except no one will come knocking on the door when you do the most dreadful things to them. 

Life is short for a Whipping Boy. If Time is the lock, the Firestone is the key, and time is running out.


Something is lying half in, half out of the water, huddled on the shore about twenty metres ahead of him. Some instinct makes Jake hesitate. What if that’s his body, if he really is dead, and that’s him lying there?

He thumps the lifeless chest, trying to shock, or shake the boy back to life.

No response.

What if it’s wrong to disturb the dead in heaven - if this is heaven? And if it's not, where is he? How does he ever get back when he’s lost in a world 10,000 years from home?

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