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Ray Kohn

Ray has been writing stories and composing music for over 60 years. His music is published by Mozart Edition. He performs music (a klezmer violinist) He was born in Cambridge but has lived most of his life in Sheffield. 

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Kohn's witty and surreal anthology of short stories swoops and dives through a range of genres from romance, crime, and science-fiction.

    The futuristically themed narratives include an animal revolution, a chronometrically romantic tragedy, a retelling of Genesis and the lonely musings of an unpublished writer in denial. Seemingly every day characters inhabit unlikely bodies, but thoughts and conversations reveal personalities that transcend humanity, destroying prejudice and commanding a dignity altogether their own.
    In an era when identity continues to shift to the centre of every issue, this body of work artfully brings to the fore the extent to which our experiences of life are confined by the corporal body and the interactions of time and memory. Kohn takes us on a metaphysical whistle stop tour of timeless worlds inhabited by familiar characters, the result is both invigorating and entertaining.

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