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Kathryn Littlewood

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Cultivating Mad Cow is Kathryn's first book. She self-published it through Troubadour. Kathryn is new to writing but has had a short piece published in a book which was a collaborative piece of work between Sheffield and Brighton University called Understanding Suicide. 
Cultivating Mad Cow has been described as an 'insightful, richly diverse narrative which engages the reader into a deeper understanding of psychosis'. It is an autobiographical account spanning a nine month period in 2004 which took Kathryn from being a professional working in children and family social work to being laid in a  hospital bed, near enough every bone broken, confused and frightened after jumping 85 feet from a car park in the centre of Sheffield. Kathryn takes the reader through a journey which involves a relationship with a telephone counsellor by the name of Barry White who happened to pick the phone up on a particular day she phoned to talk to someone about what was happening to her. With no one else to turn to, Barry becomes a central theme in her life and the story itself. 
'The story on its own will sell because it is so utterly engaging and unique but the way in which Kathryn puts herself into it makes it a truly superb read'. 
Kathryn is currently working on other books, Our Ella's Paellas and The Hovering up of Baby Jesus. She has also written some little books which she describes as being Mr Men books for adults. The Wibbly Wobbly Woman, The Mental Monologues and The Perfect Lady. 

Kathryn Littlewood Author
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