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Kate is the author of Driftwood and Amethyst. She writes stories and poetry which tiptoe on the edge of magic and folklore while rooting themselves in reality. 
She lives in South Yorkshire with her two sons and two cats and spends her days writing, teaching and being a mum all played out to a constant stream of good music.

Kate O'Brien

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Cara and Sally are the best of friends. As life takes them in different directions, grief and desire, moon dust and magic trigger a chain of events from which they will never recover.

    Holly and Ethan are the best of friends. While one child is harshly neglected the other is loved beyond measure.

    Their mothers' secrets and one wild promise bind them together in ways they may never truly fathom.

    The Pixie Plot  is a dark tale of friendship, faerie folk and betrayal set against the backdrop of a tiny Yorkshire village.

    With a passion for gothic literature, magic realism and faerie folklore, Kate O'Brien's stories are inspired by local landscapes and places visited on bygone family holidays, now explored with her own children.

"Sophie and Danny arrive to find their holiday destination full of old folk and resign themselves to a week of boredom. Forced to make their own entertainment, they soon discover all is not as it seems. 
Venturing away from the beach, they encounter many curious sights; a lost boy, a mysterious puppeteer and the remarkable Mrs. Dawson. Before long, the lines between daytime and dreamtime become increasingly blurred. 
Read on for a tale of conflict, daring, magic and menace, as Sophie and Danny embark on an adventure which will change their lives forever.

“The twists of the story were amazing—it leads the readers to actually go on a journey with Sophie and Danny . . . the readers feel as if they were literally part of the story, experiencing the adventures first hand. The story sparks every reader’s imagination—truly a colorful narration. This is a must-read!”

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