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Kate Hanney

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 All of Kate's books are gritty, contemporary fiction for Young Adult, New Adults and Older Adults. You won't find any wizards or elves or other worlds - they're set very much in this world at this time, and they deal with issues that are topical and relevant. Kate is delighted that three of the books are currently studied in schools internationally, and hopes the issues they raise will be a source of interest, inspiration and reflection.

Kate worked for over fifteen years as an English teacher in South Yorkshire, and by doing this job she had the privilege of meeting hundreds of fantastic kids. Some were comedians and some are geniuses. At times some of them are desperately unhappy.  But they all love stories.

Kate Hanney Author

Book 1 in The S16 Series - How far would you go to belong? Alone, rejected, and living in a kids' home, fifteen year old Mikey will do whatever it takes - even if it means running for a local drug-dealer. 
But as violent clashes with a rival gang escalate, loyalties get torn apart, and the cost of belonging spirals, what risks will Mikey be prepared to take? How will he live with the desperate and dangerous choices he is forced into? And ultimately, can he survive the brutality and betrayal that surround him?

Book 2 in The S16 Series - You always know it’ll catch up with you, the past. It’s just there, like a bullet in the barrel of a gun, waiting to blast out and shatter your world. What you can never know though, is who will get caught in the crossfire. HEARTS AND ARROWS is the dark, dramatic sequel to Kate Hanney’s WATERMELON. Told from the viewpoint of three main characters, this New Adult novel leads the reader through the violent, seedy and fatal conflicts of the underworld, where even the most innocent become fair currency.

Two very different backgrounds; two young people who need each other. When teenagers Jay and Anna are thrown together unexpectedly, their secret love ignites. 

But when his world of neglect and physical abuse, youth crime and illegal drugs collides with Anna’s parents’ high expectations for her education and show-jumping success, how long can that love survive, and what will be the cost along the way?

Danny's used to trouble; trouble at school, trouble with his mom and trouble with the cops. But when he hits on a 'posh' girl at a party, and his home life takes a dramatic turn for the worse, Danny's left to deal with a new kind of trouble.  And it's hard and it's dangerous and it messes with his head.

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