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17-year-old Lander Shaw embarks on a complex and demanding journey in his search for the truth about the deadly virus that has ravaged the country.

His quest brings danger, suspense, and emotional challenges, including imprisonment and slavery. His encounter with the mysterious Magda adds another layer of intrigue and complexity, as she seems to have plans of her own and knows more about Lander than he realises.

When Lander returns home and discovers that his twin sister has been the victim of a sinister experiment, the stakes become even higher. Confronting those responsible will be a difficult and risky task, and the choice he has to make will have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.


Two friends, Beth and Callum, share an incredible ability: they can see into each other's minds. As they grow up together, they become inseparable - until one day Callum is abducted by a gang harvesting human organs for illegal transplants. Beth senses that Callum is in trouble, but can she use her gift to save him?

"An exciting plot, memorable characters, and a thought-provoking look at how the best of things can turn into a nightmare."  - The Wishing Shelf

Jericho Rose.png

The plague is over and it's time to rebuild. However, there are some who are trying to turn the pandemic to their own advantage. An authoritarian government uses a pod system to keep the population imprisoned in permanent lockdown, and seeks to overcome mass infertility, an emerging effect of the virus, by creating hybrid human/animal foetuses. Can life ever return to normal? Lander leads a group of like-minded idealists to challenge the powerful and corrupt, and on the way finds romance.

Paradise Girl.png

Kerryl, a lively teenager, finds herself alone when everyone else is victim of a fatal virus. Her isolation affects her mental health and she imagines that someone else is there - Adam, a good-looking boy who is stalking her. Adam becomes increasingly real to her, until she convinces herself she is getting messages from him. She sets out to meet him for what she is sure will be a romantic encounter.


Books in the REBOOT series have won major awards and recognition, inlcuding Wishing Shelf awards, Indie B.R.A.G. Medallions, and Chill Readers Award. Paradise Girl was a finalist for the Page Turner Book Award.

All three books can be bought as a Kindle box set.

The God Jar.png

A time-spanning adventure blending historical fiction and fantasy. In the 1500s the astrologer and magician Dr John Dee goes on a quest for a jar with amazing powers, and is tasked by the Queen to use it to save the nation in its hour of need. It resurfaces 400 years later when a young couple find it. They need all their wits to figure out its true nature and evade others determined to acquire it for evil ends.


Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion. 2021 Page Turner Award Finalist.

'Cleverly crafted, with a strong cast of characters. I was engrossed.' The Wishing Shelf

The Poisoned Garden.png

A gripping coming-of-age story about a broken family and a life-changing friendship. Peglar and Ragul are half brothers in bitter competition to win their father's favour - but when Peglar meets Yalka, a poor girl from the slums, things take an unexpected turn. Follow Peglar on his journey to discover the truth about himself, his family and the power of friendship.

The Poisoned Garden is book 1 of the Leopard's Bane saga. This is George R.R. Martin with a difference, an action-packed epic that will be loved by fans of Game of Thrones!

‘A skilfully plotted novel set in a vividly described, unjust world. Highly recommended!’ The Wishing Shelf

The Rhymer's Daughter.png

Yalka, whose home was destroyed in book 1, begins a new life with her grandfather, a seer who is able to foresee the future. Peglar, who was outlawed at the end of book 1, has a price on his head and must learn new skills and make alliances with unlikely allies to survive. Yalka and Peglar seek each other, but before they can reunite they face separate challenges.

What Dreams.png

A group of friends are invited to a luxury villa for a vacation that promises to be wonderful but takes a dark turn. The story revolves around themes of self-awareness, friendship, and facing difficult truths. At the end they discover who is pulling the strings, but not before they’ve undergone a journey that changes all their lives.


Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion. Finalist in the 2021 Page Turner Awards. Chill With a Book Premier Readers' Award

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