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Charlotte Spivey

Charlotte is a Clinical and Medical Therapist and specialises in the recovery of co-morbid mental illness. For the past 7 years Charlotte has specialised in this area and has gained a wealth of knowledge in how to help children and adults feel really well and healthy again. With this in mind it inspired Charlotte to start writing childrens stories and this is when Sat Beneath the Willow Tree was created.


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Charlotte went on to write 5 childrens bedtime stories. These audio stories aim to help children to sleep better, reduce anxiety including separation anxiety and worry but also to increase their self-esteem and confidence. A company has requested to use Sat Beneath the Willow Tree to make it into a night light for children. These books are Sat Beneath the Willow Tree, Victors Snow Day, Rainbow Valley, Daniel's Secret and A Star for Christmas.


When Charlotte was working with a charity that supported parents after they had suffered a still birth she was inspired to write stores that helped families through bereavement. These books are, I was Always Meant for Heaven, Your Grandmother Lives in Heaven and Dances for Three Hours and My Daddy’s Moved to Heaven.


Through Charlotte's own personal experience of baby loss, she also wrote a practical audio book to help parents after they have suffered a still birth. This audio book takes parents through the moment they have found out the baby is no longer alive to life after loss. This book is called When Your Baby is Born Sleeping.


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Charlotte’s brand-new book Perfect Precious You is a personal empowerment book for children to know their worth and encourages children to love themselves and is currently her second best-selling audio-book.


Charlotte also writes for two international computer gaming companies writing character profiles. Charlotte’s most recent work has been creating 10 dinosaur personalities and profiles that will be made into augmented reality, books, stickers, cuddly toys and a cartoon.


Charlotte has also recently completed writing for another international gaming company, producing 5 rhyming children’s stories, which are augmented reality books and computer games. Charlotte narrates all of the English spoken books and narrated the adverts.


Charlotte also provides voice overs for other company adverts.


Charlotte is currently working with a film and animation company writing a children's animation series.

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