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Jon Jones

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Jon Jones retrained as a teacher in 2015. Having a borderline obsession for all things detective, he published his first crime novella featuring Frances and Navajo in early 2021.

Having now published his second novella featuring the duo he is about to complete his third with many more detective adventures to follow.

Make friends with him at @FrancesNavajo


Frances meets Navajo after saving him from two attackers. Navajo reveals he is a private detective who deals with old cases for high wealth individuals and asks Frances to join him on his current case. Hugh Baxter-Wright has been killed, by a vanishing bullet, thirteen months earlier. The office door is locked, the window closed and there is no trace of a bullet. The police have failed to close the case so Mrs Baxter-Wright cannot claim her large insurance settlement so she employs them to solve the mystery. A number of suspects are interviewed; family members that seem shadowy and employees who appear evasive. On a visit to see the family solicitor he too is shot, and again the bullet vanishes. When they re-examine all the clues Navajo suddenly realises how the murder was committed and how to catch the murderer.

Frances and Navajo return in this new crime thriller. They are called to the prestigious Regal Hotel by its owner Bruno Jinzo nine months after the Carlisle Diamonds have been stolen from his hotel leaving two security guards dead with gunshot wounds. The bullets that were used are still in-tact and no clues as to who could have carried out the crimes.
Having to interview the Jinzo family, employees and ex-employees leads them to being targeted by a ransom note, their house broken in to and being shot at.
Using their skills, senses, logic and deduction our duo return after solving their first mystery (The Mystery of the Vanishing Bullets) to again solve what appears to be unsolvable in the Case of the Carlisle Diamonds.

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