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Livia Barreira

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Brazilian-born Livia Barreira is a professional journalist and ambassador for Sheffield migrant communities. She independently published her first book Living in Sheffield: our Journeys as Migrant Women following a succesful crowdfunding campaign. The book aims to promote diversity and its positive impact in Sheffield, through the stories of eight female migrants from across the world who have settled in the city. Livia also hopes to empower other migrant women.

    The women portrayed in the book are from different countries and backgrounds and shows Sheffield from those perspectives. “Through the book I also want to highlight the important ways many amazing migrants are contributing to our city, and how they are making a difference in their communities. We are not invisible and I wish I could see more migrants successfully doing what they really want to do and finding their place, recognition and genuine happiness. For me, my genuine happiness is to work with communication as it is an important and strong part of my identity.” This book is now, in some way, also a tool that connects different migrant women forever. 

     There are many different reasons for making the big move to another country. When more people learn and understand about different cultures, we can have the chance to live in a world with more respect and where we appreciate diversity. 

   The book is available at the independent bookshop, Juno Books on Chapel  Walk, Sheffield and also through Living in Sheffield website:

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