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Dave Luck

“This heart wrenchingly, honest and deeply stirring book should be read by everybody. It’s the story of a journey that no parent wants to take and yet Dave conveys a deep sense of hope in the face of trauma that must be heard.” Carl Beech, Deputy CEO, The Message Trust

“As long as the unimaginable stays the unmentionable, then the question, ‘What happens now?’ will often be unanswerable. This book doesn’t give easy answers or formulas to follow, but something much better: hope.” Colin Piper, Executive Director World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission

What do we do when the unimaginable happens? How do we make sense of tragedy in the context of our faith and learn to live again? This is the story of how a family faced the loss of their six-year old son, Ben. Thrust into an unwanted new reality, they sought to cope and make sense of their faith. Neither life, nor faith, could continue as it had before – presenting a daunting challenge. We get angry about suffering because we don’t want it to happen. But it happens anyway and forces us to look at life and our relationship with God differently. 

This isn’t a theological book or a “how to” guide written by people who have cracked the problem of grief. But the author and his family have learned things about suffering and found hope to share with those in similar situations. God is present to help us, especially in the midst of our pain and confusion, and we don’t have to face suffering and grief alone. This book seeks to help us have honest conversations about suffering and what we do when we don’t get the breakthrough we’d hoped for.

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