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Anthony Hooper



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Anthony was born in Sheffield and attended Hurlfield Comprehensive. Hea has had a number of jobs in both private and public sectors: including Stanley Tools, Sheffield and Spencer and Halstead, Ossett, and five years working within the home care service of Sheffield City Council.

    At the age of 36 he went to University of Sheffield to study Politics, and went into teaching Politics at Barnsley College on a degree course validated by the University of Sheffield.

    He married and settled in Barnsley where his two boys were born. In 2005 he transferred to the University of Huddersfield as a Principal Lecturer of Politics and International Relations. Retiring rom teaching in 2008, he developed an idea he had as an undergraduate into a 

manuscript. This manuscript, originally entitled The Uncivil Servant became his debut novel, The Glass Lie.

    He describes himself as an eternal pessimist. (But as someone once said, Tony, a pessimist is just a well -informed optimist!)

Tony hooper, author
The Glass Lie

Anthony' s debut novel, published by Scribblin House is a political crime thriller set in Sheffield. A horrific killing on the university campus coincides with the arrival of a civil servant with his own agenda for power. A jaded police officer battles his doubts about his abilities whilst under scrutiny from all sides, amidst allegations of police corruption. It is left to a witness to the crime, a mature student with her own secret past to find justice for her dead classmate. The plot is woven through the ambitions and secrets the main characters.

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